Current Sensor -10A to 10A for DC



  • Operating Voltage from 9V to 32V DC powered via NMEA 2000® port
  • Power Consumption < 50mA / 100* mA
  • NMEA 2000® LEN – 2 LEN
  • Reverse polarity protection – Yes
  • IP Rating IP66 NMEA2000® Box / IP64 Current Sensor

The setup is done via Wi-Fi interface on smartphone or computer web browser.

PGNs supported :
PGN59392    ISO Acknowledgement
PGN59904    ISO Request
PGN60160    Multi packet data transfer, TP.DT
PGN60416    Multi packet connection management
PGN60928    ISO Address Claim
PGN65240     Commanded Address
PGN126208   NMEA Request/Command/Acknowledge group function
PGN126464   PGN List (Transmit and Receive)
PGN126993   Heartbeat
PGN126996   Product information
PGN126998   Configuration information

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Across Ocean Systems Ltd. offers a broad range of digital non intrusive current measuring

sensors. The advantage of this type of current sensors is that they do not interrupt hight

current circuits, therefore there is no danger of the connections heating up and burning as

seen on many DC shunt based systems. Another advantage is that our sensor can be used

not only for direct current (DC) measurement, but also for alternating current (AC) measurement.

If during use, the current exceeds the sensor’s rated current, the sensor is not going

to overheat and create critical situation as observed with shunt type current sensors in

overload mode.

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