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Kevin Lu

As far as the support Across Ocean Systems provides to Honda Marine, it has always been extremely responsive to get us the technical expertise to use their product. The NMEA simulator is very straightforward to use once you get it set up. We have purchased 4 NMEA simulators and all 4 are deployed for use between our R&D team, development team and business side for validation.

Bob Arrington

M/V Liberdade

Ocean Alexander 54M05

Location: East Coast of NA

“To Vessel Monitoring and Alarm System’ Designers:

I’m writing to share our experience using your product. Our boat came with the normal compliment of gauges, providing us with the usual engine data like coolant temperature and oil pressure. However, there were additional items, like alternator and hydraulic temperatures, or sea water coolant flow that we wanted to monitor more closely. After researching our choices, we selected your unit to provide that information. We installed your monitoring unit sold by Kobelt Manufacturing Ltd on our 54’ trawler, and it has enabled us to cruise more safely and with more confidence.

We feel it is important to do regular engine room checks when underway in order to monitor systems for any potential pending trouble. Our theory is: there is a point in the life of every problem when it is big enough to see, but still small enough to do something about. Your Vessel Monitoring and Alarm System allows us to monitor the status of a wide variety of temperatures and pressures from the helm, giving us the comfort we will be notified of a small problem before it becomes catastrophic. On overnight runs when my wife or I are asleep and only one person is at the helm, we would go several hours between engine room checks, hoping nothing was overheating or leaking in the engine room. Now with your system, we know we will be alerted if something is wrong.

We also appreciate the flexibility you built into the system, allowing us to customize the unit to provide the exact data we want to monitor. It’s also helpful knowing we can easily expand the unit’s capabilities by adding more sensors in the future.

Thank you again for making a well built product that was easy to install, and for the responsive technical support when we had a question.”

Bob Arrington

MV Liberdade

Rob Langford

M/V DueNorth

Nordhavn 40

Location: Pacific NW

“What a relief has been for me running the boat since the system was installed and commissioned on DueNorth!
I have had my Vitals Monitoring System onboard my Nordhavn and running 24/7 for well over a year now and am very happy. This system is economically priced, very flexible and highly configurable, and with the multiple expansions modules available the sky seems to be the limit on what I can do.

My VMAS currently monitors:

  • Main engine
    • RPM
    • oil pressure
    • temperature
  • Genset output
    • oil pressure
    • temperature
  • Battery voltage
  • AC input and usage
  • Anchor watch system
  • Wind warning system
  • Temperature of engine room and alternator
  • Bilge pumps
  • Engine blower
  • Running lights
  • Anchor light
  • Wash-down pump
  • Paravane winches

… and I plan on adding more features in the next few months.

It’s nice to see such a great product produced by a company that actually boats and uses their technology so that things work logically.

Very satisified customer.”

Rob Langford

MV Due North

Scott Miller

M/V Miller Time

Kadey Krogen 58

Location: Florida


“When I was searching for a system for monitoring for Miller Time, our Kadey Krogen 58, one requirement I had was that is had to be able to extend beyond the pilot house monitoring and into the engine room and eventually tank monitoring as well as the rest of the boat.  I don’t want two, three or more monitoring systems.  I believe now we have that system for Miller Time. 

In addition to those requirements, we also needed something that would accommodate our Tier 1 engines that do not have ECMs so the added functionality of digitally monitoring our engines was a big deal.  Vitals also answered this requirement and more.  With the capability to monitor gauges on tier one engines (Engine coolant temp, Oil Pressure and Transmission oil temp, RPM readings) by converting voltages to NEMA 2k signals, we are able to get the readouts on the Vessel Monitoring System.  In addition to this, we are able to set the soft alarms/warnings so we can actually get alerts before the coolant temp reaches levels that normally for us indicate something bad has already happened with our John Deer 6068 engines like an impeller failure or blocked strainer (or worst, I forgot to open the seacock – don’t laugh, you forget too).

We also monitor engine room temp using the Smart Hub and Temp sensors.   Our next project is adding the Racor Guage Vacuum sensors to our Two engines and two Gensets.  We feel like if we can get this project done along with Fuel Tank sensors later this spring, we will be very close to instrumenting the engine room checks other than on long cruises where we would still take engine room readings and do physical checks from time to time.

I am also very pleased with the support that I get from the company.  They are very responsive and always available to help troubleshoot for those that are DIYs. Jordan will even go as far as drawing out the sketches for you and walking you through step by step instructions if needed.

We appreciate the ease of customization and operability of this product and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great monitoring system that is durable and flexible.”

Scott Miller

MV Miller Time

Mitch Herron
P.Eng MNI Seaward Engineering and Research Ltd.

Research Vessel Richardson Point
Location: Wherever the job is

The installation on Richardson Point uses multiple units deployed in Master/Slave configuration. Everything monitored parameter can bee seen on every VMAS unit. Alarms  are displayed on every unit simultaneously and can be acknowledged from any one of the units.
The systems seamlessly interfaces to the existing NMEA2000 network on the vessel. Now all of the information desired could be displayed and alarmed to provide early warning of trouble brewing.