NMEA2000 / NMEA0183 Simulator

NMEA2000 / NMEA0183 Simulator

How to use:

  • Our NMEA2000 Simulator features extensive content-sensitive help that allows the user to understand every feature by simply by high-lighting the field in question and pressing F1 button on the keyboard. 


  • Possible to define virtual devices and select messages joined to them.
  • Virtual devices can send their device information periodically or on request as normal devices does.
  • If selected virtual devices also does address claiming.
  • Possible to follow gpx track or route.

Bus traffic operations:

  • Works as bus listener.
    • Lists messages either in sequential mode or in list mode, which separates messages by sender, PGN and possible instance
    • Message highlighting for sequential messages makes it easier to follow messages.
    • Message follow for sequential messages locks scrolling for specific message
  • In both modes messages can be showed parsed.

Special NMEA 2000 commands:

  • Request for common and any PGN
  • Group function request
  • Group function command
  • Address change command
  • Any message. User can type message in hex and send it once or periodically.