Vessel Monitoring Smart Alarm System


Vessel Monitoring Smart Alarm System will raise warnings and alarms if the preconfigured warning and alarm conditions are met. It can output the acquired data of the live engine status to the NMEA2000 network to be displayed or read by other devices.

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Vessel Monitoring Smart Alarm System was created based on the company’s experience with pleasure boats crossing the Atlantic and Pacific. It can monitor boats during both long voyages, and short trips around the bay.

The Vessel Monitor from Across Ocean Systems can receive signals from NMEA2000, analog, and digital sources. It also has an analog engine gateway for older engines, ensuring they receive the same monitoring as newer engines. The system detects deviations from normal levels and generates programmable warnings and alarms based on their severity. It informs the vessel master when an alarm is triggered and pinpoints the source of the problem.

The system can be configured for alarms such as low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, bilge, fire/smoke, battery, door/hatch, and more. A maintenance page can also be set up to remind of needed maintenance tasks. Advanced features include rule-based alarms, differential alarms, profile-based alarm handling, timers, counters, arithmetic/logical functions, SMS notifications, master/slave capabilities, WiFi, and web browser display.

The VM System is reasonably priced and offers “out-of-the-box” functionality. Standard NMEA2000 sensors and modules are available, and can be used with multi-function displays from companies like Maretron, Navico, Garmin, and Raymarine.

Read review here: The system being reviewed was private labeled for a distributor.

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  1. Jordan

    Please check the review on
    Note that the system tested was our vessel monitoring system, private labeled for distributor, thus different name on it.

  2. Jordan

    Review of the system is available here:
    Note that this is our system, private labeled for a distributor, thus the different name.

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