Analog Signal Measurement System – 6 channels to NMEA2000


The analog expansion module will monitor up to 6 (six) analog inputs. The measurable voltage range is from 0 to 32VDC. Moreover, when necessary, multiple units can be co-located on NMEA2000 network, and as a result providing measurement for many more inputs.

The module outputs proprietary NMEA2000 PGN with 10Hz refresh rate to Pulse and Vitals Vessel Monitoring Systems.

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This Analog Signal Measurement System will measure analog signal presented on variety  of sensors. For example voltage presented on oil pressure sensor. As a result, Vessel Monitoring System can read the momentary value of the sensor. Firstly, the voltage will be mapped to specific units of pressure. Secondly, the dynamic values will be displayed on the screen. Thirdly the signal could be be monitored to fit in its acceptable range. As a result, when outside of the acceptable range alarm will be triggered.

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Dimensions6.25 × 4.25 × 2.5 cm


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