Pressure Sensor -14.5 psi to 30 psi


Pressure Sensor -14.5 psi to 30 psi (-1 bar to 2 bar) with NMEA2000 interface. Perfect to measure the drop of a pressure or vacuum building on RACOR-type fuel filters due to clogged filter element. Measure your engine turbo boost or fuel pressure to make sure the they are in the proper operating range.

Once connected to the NMEA2000 network, the value can be displayed on any NMEA2000 MFD (Multi Function Display), or connected to our Vessel Monitoring and Smart Alarm System for early warning, before your engine starves for fuel and shuts down. Get one, do not get stranded!


Pressure Sensor -14.5 psi to 30 psi (-1 bar to 2 bar) with NMEA2000 interface.  Best used for dual RACOR Filters, turbo boost pressure or for other media pressure up to 100 PSI. 
The Sensor outputs standard NMEA2000 PGN. As a result, any NMEA2000 system or Multi Function Display (MFD) that supports standard NMEA2000 pressure PGNs, can read the sensor’s values. Custom alarms and warnings for the status of your fuel filter are available if the sensors are used with Pulse Vessel Monitoring and alarm system. Read the review on

Best suitable for measuring vacuum between RACOR fuel filers and engine. If the vacuum increase, it will be indication of the fuel filters getting contaminated. Instead of going to the engine room to look at your RACOR mechanical gauge, this sensor will bring the information directly to your Multi Function Display (MFD) or even better to your Pulse Vessel Monitoring and alarm system. Simple to plumb and install on a “Tee” next to your mechanical RACOR gauge.

Safe zone (green or no color)
from 0 to -7 in/Hg or
from 0 to -3.5 PSI
Warning zone (yellow) – It is time to replace filter
from -7 in/Hg to -10 inches of Hg
from  -3.5 PSI to -5PSI
Danger zone (red)
Negative pressure more than
-10 in/Hg or
-5 PSI
could cause the engine to stall.

PGNs supported :
PGN59392    ISO Acknowledgement
PGN59904    ISO Request
PGN60160    Multi packet data transfer, TP.DT
PGN60416    Multi packet connection management
PGN60928    ISO Address Claim
PGN65240    Commanded Address
PGN126208   NMEA Request/Command/Acknowledge group function
PGN126464   PGN List (Transmit and Receive)
PGN126993   Heartbeat
PGN126996   Product information
PGN126998   Configuration information
PGN130314   Pressure


Configurable via WiFi Interface for the following pressure types:

  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Water Pressure
  • Steam Pressure
  • Compressed Air Pressure
  • Hydraulic Pressure
  • Filter Pressure
  • Altimeter Pressure
  • Oil Pressure
  • Fuel Pressure



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Sensor -14.5psi to 30psi


Sensor Alone (for dual RACOR filters), RACOR Kit (for single RACOR filter)

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