Digital Input Module 12 port to NMEA200


NMEA200 Рstandard PGN output for 12 digital (ON/OFF) inputs. 3 banks X 4 inputs configurable for Active_High or Active_Low signal Рmeaning switch on when positive voltage applied (Active_High) or switch on when ground  applied (Active_Low)

Moreover, when necessary, multiple modules can be co-located on NMEA2000 network, and as a result providing measurement for many more inputs.

The module outputs standard NMEA2000 PGN with 1Hz refresh rate and can be used on any multifunction display that support standard PGNs.


Digital Input Module 12 port to NMEA200 – standard PGN output

The Digital Input Module will indicate the presence of DC voltages from 8VDC to 32VDC, or ground. The Module has 3 separate banks each with 4 digital inputs that detect ON/OFF signals.



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