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    Vitals is designed to provide vessel monitoring on major subsystems while underway and remote monitoring while at the dock.
    It is highly configurable and will fit any monitoring need.

    Inputs and Outputs provided are:
    – 8 Digital inputs up to 32V DC and frequency up to 1KHz
    – 4 Analog inputs 0V – 32VDC (non differential)
    – 2 resistance inputs that could be switched to measure 0V to 5V DC
    – 2 RPM inputs
    – SmartBus to connect to multiple temperature sensors
    – NMEA0183 input/output
    – NMEA2000 standard M12 connector or 5 terminal connector
    – 1 solid state relay 500mA alarm output
    – 1 Speaker output 2.8 Watt

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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